Student Chosen Seminar Speaker

Nominations can be made July 25-August 1

    • Faculty of Medicine is allowing each graduate department student body to host a distinguished speaker.
    • We are inviting BMI graduate students to nominate a speaker they feel would be ideal for such an opportunity.

  • The selected speaker should be a scientific researcher specializing in a field inclusive to biochemistry, microbiology, and/or immunology, that would hold the interest of Faculty of Medicine graduate students
  • Following nominations, students will have the opportunity to vote for one of the five most popular speaker choices
  • The student that nominated the student-chosen speaker will have the opportunity, if desired, to introduce the speaker at the seminar and to participate in the organization of the seminar

Each nomination is to be comprised of:

  1. Name of nominated speaker and contact information (email, website)
  2. Brief (1-2) sentence justification of nomination
  3. Name of nominee student


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