[GSAÉD] General House Meeting

GSAÉD, the Graduate Students’ Association of University of Ottawa is going to hold a General Meeting regarding the Grad House Project on January 20th, 6 pm. Any GSAÉD members are invited to this town hall meeting.

The letter is attached below for detailed information.

[box type=”shadow”]January 13th, 2012

General Meeting Pertaining to the Grad House Project

Following the receipt of a petition calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held regarding the Grad House Project, the Town Hall Meetings scheduled for January 16th and 17th have been postponed. Instead, GSAÉD members are invited to attend a General Meeting on January 20th, at 6pm, in Morisset 205, where all relevant information pertaining to the Project will be discussed.

Please see below for a message from GSAÉD’s Chairperson for more information regarding this General Meeting.

Message from the Chair regarding the General Meeting:

To members of GSAÉD,

A petition of 114 valid signatures was submitted to the Graduate Students Association (GSAÉD) on December 20, 2011. The petition requested the following:

“I, as a Graduate Student at the University of Ottawa, would like to petition GSAED to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting to revisit the decision taken by the Council concerning the modified Grad House agreement with the University of Ottawa, as it is clearly in contradiction with the referendum question regarding ownership of the building.”

Under its By-Laws, GSAÉD is obligated to hold a General Meeting. To learn more about this petition and the obligations of GSAÉD, you can read the letter sent by the Chair to the Commissioners and the trustee of the petition, available here.

The General Meeting will be held on January 20, 2012 at 6PM in Morisset Room 205.

The agenda will be the following:
1 Call to Order
2 Adoption of the Agenda
3 Chairperson’s Word
4 Main Business: Petition pertaining to the agreements between GSAÉD and the University of Ottawa on the Grad House Project
4.1 Presentation on the Referendum Question and the History of the Grad House Project
4.2 Presentation on the Grad House Finance and Governance Agreements
4.3 Discussion Period
5 New Business
6 Varia (no possibility of vote)
7 Adjournment

Please download the official agenda here.

The Chair would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few rules pertaining to General Meetings of the GSAÉD.

Members must register upon arrival at the General Meeting. Members must present their uOttawa student card. Only the uOttawa student card will be accepted as identification. After registering, they will receive the necessary documents for the meeting.
Quorum, the minimum number of members required to make binding decisions, which is equal to 2% of the membership of GSAÉD, is set at 106 members.
Quorum must be reached within fifteen minutes after the scheduled start time of the meeting. Although no By-Law of GSAÉD explicitly states this rule, the Chair has determined that this delay shall be used since it is commonly used by other associations and unions of the University of Ottawa.
If quorum is present, the General Meeting will take place as scheduled according to the adopted agenda. If it is not present, the General Meeting will turn into a Council Meeting. At this time, while all members may be present and have speaking rights, only councilors have voting rights.
The meetings of GSAÉD follow the Robert’s Rules of Order. The discussions, debates, motions and interventions must respect these rules. The Chair has the duty to maintain order and respect and ensure the proper conduct of the meeting. The Chair may take measures against any member who does not respect the rules. A summary of these rules is available here.
The Chair remains available for any question relating to this process, and can be contacted at chair@gsaed.ca.


Olivier Desharnais-Roy
Council Chair, GSAÉD

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