BMIGSA Council 2017-18


VP Academic: Danny Jomaa

Hello, folks! My name is Danny and I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in the Lorimer lab at the Cancer Centre. My research is on the genetic determinants of glioblastoma invasion and how its invasive nature can be mitigated. I look forward to getting to know more BMI students this year and bringing your ideas to the council!


VP Archives: Andrew Sulaiman

I am a Ph.D. candidate working in Dr. Lisheng Wang’s lab on modeling metastasis and tumor progression in triple negative breast cancer and identifying novel, clinically relevant targets for its inhibition. I received my BSc from Carleton University (Go Ravens!). This is my first year being involved with the BMIGSA and I am currently serving as VP of Archives. As someone who comes from a small lab, I see the importance of a graduate community and am looking forward to having a great year!


VP Communications/Webmaster: Pat Taylor

I am a Ph.D candidate in Dr. Thien-Fah Mah’s lab working on biofilm related antibiotic resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. As VP Comms and the Webmaster I manage our site here as well as our internal email lists, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. I aim to uphold communications from the BMIGSA as a way to reach out to all our students but also represent us and give a good face to the world out there on social media.

VP External: Jack Ryan


VP Finance: Briti Saha

I’m a third year Ph.D student in biochemistry working under the supervision of Dr. Robin Parks at the OHRI.


VP Internal: Laura Collins

Hi BMI, I am a Master’s student in Dr. Nemer’s Lab, known as the Heart Lab, who is currently working on an anticancer molecule project to change things up. I unofficially became involved with the council in undergrad and loved it so much that I decided to continue as a grad student. Since there is no VP BBQ, I will also take over this role!


VP Social: Jamie Kraft

I am currently in the first year of my Master’s in Dr. Altosaar’s lab. My research is focused on the microRNA found in human breast milk exosomes and understanding how it develops the gastrointestinal tract and the associated immune system of newborns. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome and I am looking forward to meeting more graduate BMI students and making sure your ideas are heard!


VP Wellness: Cassandra Lybæk

Hey fellow BMI students!  I’m Cass, and am currently in the second year of my MSc under the supervision of Dr. Robin Parks. I study the importance of a particular adenovirus protein, and its dynamics during the virus life cycle.  If you have any suggestions for anything wellness related, feel free to let me know!

Member at large: Kevin Jay Belarmino Mercurio

Member at large: Jayu Gao

Member at large: Julia Nunes

Member at large: It can be you!

Contact us to be part of the council. We can make our graduate life more enjoyable together.