Council 2018-2019

President: Andrew Sulaiman

  • email:



Andrew is a PhD Candidate in Dr. Lisheng Wang’s lab. As President, he ensures the smooth functioning of the BMIGSA and serves as a contact for both students and faculty to discuss any issues, ideas or concerns.




President of the BMIGSA is responsible for:

  • Representing graduate students at the Faculty Council Meetings
  • Acting as Chair and supervising the affairs of the BMIGSA
  • Co-ordinating activities, policies and events
  • Mediating collaboration with other student governments
  • Relaying any ideas/concerns to appropriate channels


VP Internal: Julia Nunes

  • email:

My name is Julia Nunes and I am the new VP Internal for BMI-GSA. I am a first year M.Sc. student in the Fullerton lab, who has been a council member at large for the past year.

As VP internal, I am responsible for:

  • Desk assignments
  • Organizing our summer BBQs (and recruiting volunteers)
  • Internal departmental affairs, so please let me know about any concerns, questions or ideas.


VP External: Sara El-Sahli


Responsible for:

  • interfacing with GSAED on behalf of the BMI student body
  • attending meetings which are external to the BMI department


VP Academic: Kevin Mercurio

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Kevin is a M.Sc. Biochemistry Candidate in Dr. Kristin Baetz’ lab. As VP Academic, he hopes to bridge the gap between faculty members and graduate students by organizing events that encourage informal discussion on relevant scientific topics.




VP Academic represents BMI’s graduate students both at the departmental and faculty level. The main responsibilities include:

  • communicating academic feedback to BMI program directors and faculty administration
  • relaying important faculty and program information back to the students
  • organizing academic-related events throughout the school year (ex. scientific panels, FoM’s Career Day).

VP Social: Redaet Daniel 

  • email:
  • Redaet is in charge of organizing social events for students of the department. She keeps busy thinking up new and fun things for our students to participate in.
  • The Halloween and Christmas parties are the key events but many other activities like pub/ trivia nights, friendly competitions, and food events are also common.


VP Archives: Reena Fabros

    • email:

  • Reena is a MSc Candidate in Dr. Kin Chan’s lab. As VP Archives, she keeps a written record of all council meetings, to ensure ideas, suggestions and concerns are properly communicated and well-documented.






VP Archives is responsible for:

  • Taking meeting notes at all BMIGSA meeting
  • Creating a record of the activities and changes completed by the council




VP Finance: Sarah McGarry

  • email:

Sarah is a M.Sc. Biochemistry candidate in Dr. Lisheng Wang’s lab. As VP Finance she works to ensure that BMIGSA funds are spent responsibly and in the best interests of the students. 







VP Finance is responsible for the record keeping of BMIGSA finances:
  • Recording all transactions that utilize BMIGSA funds
  • Accounts Payable – reimbursing / paying for all BMIGSA expenses
  • Accounts Receivable – depositing of BMIGSA cheques


VP Wellness: Hayley McKay

  • email:

Responsible for:

  • Events involving graduate student physical and mental wellness


VP Communications: Elizabeth Walden

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Elizabeth is a Ph.D. Student in the lab of Dr. Kristin Baetz. As VP communications she hopes to make sure that students are aware of all of the awesome events that the BMIGSA and the department have going on. Additionally she hopes to foster a scientific community in the department through the introduction of a small science communication outreach program.




VP communications is responsible for keeping everyone up to date with events and BMIGSA matters:

  • Uses email, twitter, and facebook to promote events (email if you have one you want promoted)
  • Maintains the website (send photos if you want them posted)
  • Aiming to set up a graduate student science communication platform